The evil Octramon has imprisoned the stars in the octacages. You and your dog Krudo are on a mission going from galaxy to galaxy to free the trapped stars. Krudo will push the octacages down as they are coming in. Collapse the cages to free the stars.

Game Play

The octacage's containment force field is destabilized when it's next to another one of the same color. Line up three or more cages of same color to collapse them.

Look for Power cages to blast through the game. Watch out for Evil cages which can make your task difficult. See game instruction for help.

StarXscape on Android

Download the StarXscape app from the Android Market. Search the term "StarXscape" in the Android Market app on the phone. App works on Android OS 1.5 and above.

Scan the QR codes from your Android phone for quick access (?):

StarXscape ($1.95) StarXscape Lite (Free)


See Changelog for version changes.

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